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Published on December 17th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


5 Non-Toxic Supplies for the Young Artist

Safety and eco-consciousness are two major items on our checklist as we shop for kids.  Many natural art products fulfill these two and make it appear as if nature’s palette has come alive on the page with a vibrancy found only in the vivid colors of the great outdoors.

These options will provide hours of creative inspiration and make great gifts for the budding artist:

Non-Toxic Finger Paint Fun

While the world is at our fingertips with a simple click of the mouse, keep in mind the distance that some of these products may have to travel.  Adding up the transport energy and the cost, it may make sense to create your own natural versions of some of these products if you have the time.

If you’d like to give a complete set as opposed to single items, consider Creative Charlie’s Art and Craft Project Boxes.  The materials in each box include those of the non-toxic, water-based, and recycled content variety.

  • Crayons

    Opt out of giving paraffin-based coloring sticks and go for inventive, nature-based options like beeswax, soy, and colorful, natural, rock-shaped crayons:

    Beeswax Block Crayons from The Blue LadyBug, The Play Store, or Stockmar (available at Living Playing)

    Natural Oil Crayons made by Filia (available at Tree Hollow Toys)

    Soy Crayonstry those made by Prang or Crayon Rocks, which are made from soy, shaped like rocks, and tinted with minerals

  • Finger Paints

    Natural Hemp Finger Paints from LIVOS SALIS (sold by owe their brilliant rainbow of colors to vegetable dyes and they come neatly packaged in glass jars

    Another—and likely less costly—option is to make your own, which allows you the freedom to determine constituents and packaging.  Check out the great recipes featured at the Tree Hugging Family blog (also see their natural dyes tip).

  • Modeling Clay

    Jovi’s Plastilina is a colored vegetable paste said to retain optimal plasticity and provide extended use if stored properly.

    Molding Wax from Knetwach (available at Nature’s Child)

    Natural Ceramic Modeling Clay from Lyra (available at Tree Hollow Toys)

    Plant-Dyed Beeswax Modeling Clay
    made by Artemis (available at EcoArt Works) and Alkena (available at Simple Family Living)

  • Pastels

    Kinder Krayons’ Beeswax Oil Pastels

    Natural Oil Pastels from Green Pack

    Plant-Based Pastels from Artemis (available at EcoArt Works)

  • Play Dough

    Aroma Dough play dough is gluten-free/made with organic rice flours and scented with natural aromas

    Eco-Dough from Eco Kids is dyed with plant and veg extracts and can be ordered as gluten, soy, or dairy free 

    Mary’s Softdough Natural Undyed Play Dough (available at

    Natural Play Dough featured on Etsy (color and scent are customizable)

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