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5 Ways to Simplify Your Virtual Life

More and more people are consciously turning to simple living as a reaction against materialism and mass consumption. We try to live slowly, to reduce and reuse, to lead sustainable lifestyles but in an age when all of us have online presence, it is time to accept that virtual and real lives are parts of […]

August 15th

Flexible, Thin Batteries Made from Algae

Algae is largely considered a nuisance and a sign of environmental degradation; however, it is also offering climate change solutions.  First fuel, and now “paper-thin” batteries have been made  from algae. Researchers have found Cladophora created cellulose promising for developing “thin, flexible, lightweight, inexpensive, environmentally friendly batteries made entirely from nonmetal parts”.

December 1st

GTR: Tech ReUse Panel Discussion with Rob Zopf and Ross Brouse

GreenTalk Radio Host Sean Daily holds a panel discussion about reducing eWaste through equipment donations and the challenges this poses to businesses with Rob Zopf, Vice President of the National Cristina Foundation, and Ross Brouse, CEO of Solar VPS. Click Play Below,or Transcript Sean Daily: Hi and welcome to “GreenTalk” a podcast series from […]

July 28th