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TerraCycle’s 3 Ways to Celebrate World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is June 8, an important time for environmental action, observation, and celebration. Coinciding with this year’s UN Ocean Conference, World Oceans Day is day for policymakers, activists and conscious consumers to take part in actions and discussions that can carry us forward.

May 29th

5 Money-saving Sustainable Food Strategies

What do you store your leftovers in? I’m sure, like most people you place them into a plastic tupperware container, however you may be surprised to learn that some food storage options add their own special “flavor” to your leftovers. That flavor may be bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, antimony, or any number of other chemicals that, […]

September 25th

Glass Dharma: Free Glass Straws for Earth Day!

Glass Dharma, one of our favorite companies that makes sustainable, beautiful glass drinking straws is hosting another promotion and they are GIVING AWAY 1,000 free glass straws to celebrate Earth Day (Tuesday April 22 2014) for their 6th Annual Earth Day event! The following is a press release from Glass Dharma: In celebration of Earth […]

February 28th

Can Concrete Be Eco-Friendly?

Pioneers of green building techniques are faced with the challenging task of identifying and integrating the use of innovative, sustainable materials into the canon of eco-friendly building. Of course, any new material must answer the complicated question, “Is it really green?”  In recent years, concrete and its use in flooring and countertops has gained popularity […]

December 21st

Eco Eyewear for Greener Vision

Eco eyewear may be easily overlooked, but stylish, sustainable options are right before your eyes.  Whether you’re looking for reading glasses, optical specs, or even sun shades, a low-impact, planet-friendly choice will not only help you see better—it will have you looking good too. A typical pair of glasses is fashioned from plastic—both the frames […]

September 4th

Planet-Loving Plumbing

As the human population of planet Earth continues to grow, supplies of resources like fuel for energy and fresh water for drinking continue to dwindle. It is thus especially vital that we manage our resources as efficiently as possible. Utilizing green plumbing practices and products can have a substantial impact on the amount of water […]

August 17th

Easy Eco Entertaining

If you have ever thrown any kind of party, you know how much waste is left at the end. Employing a few simple strategies to prevent a waste management disaster will put your mind at ease so you can kick back and relax with your guests. Simply knowing your party planning options makes it easy […]

July 21st

What’s in the Future for Green PCs?

Desktop computers, or PCs , are larger and consume much more energy than their smaller, more portable cousin, the laptop. This size differentiation automatically qualifies PCs as the “less green” computing choice. But don’t toss out your dream of an eco-friendly desktop workstation just yet! There are greener PCs out there that can lessen your […]

February 12th

Water Conservation 101

What comes to mind when you visualize the word water? Do you think of clean, pure, refreshing and . . . available? Unfortunately, in today’s world, these words are decreasingly associated with our water supply, especially as we learn more about where our water comes from and the processes by which it arrives in our […]

December 18th

Natural Cosmetics

Makeup has been around virtually as long as civilization—ancient Egyptian women and men wore cosmetics in their daily lives; red henna on their fingernails, green eyeshadow, and brows and lashes blackened by coal or metallic oxides.  Throughout history, beauty and makeup trends have come and gone.  From the middle ages until the 20th century, a pale, […]

December 17th

Your How-To Guide to Recycling

We’ve been told for years, "reduce, reuse, recycle!"  But does all of this recycling really make a difference?  Is the planet truly rewarded by our efforts?  Many scientists and environmental consultants say that simply recycling isn’t enough to combat all of the energy waste created on this planet—which is entirely true. Some people get heartily […]

October 21st