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Aspects of Green Living in Everyday Life

Behaving in a sustainable manner doesn’t necessarily mean making extreme sacrifices and having to pay huge amounts of money for everyday products. Sure, sometimes you may have to pay a little more than normal but in most cases you are paying for quality which can prove more efficient at the end of the day. Including […]

April 9th

Can You be Plastic-Free?

A couple of years ago, Rodale asked me to participate in their Plastic-Free February challenge. Without hesitating, I said yes, thinking I was already using my reusable shopping bags and storing food in glass and other non-plastic containers whenever possible. I was no fan of plastic. This should be easy and kind of fun, right?

April 1st

Recycled Plastic Soccer Jerseys for Major International and Professional Soccer Teams — the Netherlands, Brazil, Barcelona, Arsenal, and More

First, before I get into this cool development in the world of soccer, I want to say that if these teams can get recycled plastic jerseys that are a good enough quality for players makings millions upon millions of dollars a year, hopefully it won’t be long before everyone can, and if you are a […]

July 6th

BPA Connected to Erectile Dysfunction

You’ve seen the commericials on television for various drugs designed to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), and a growing pharmaceutical industry has evolved from this male sexual problem closely associated with aging. But is growing older really to blame for ED? Not entirely, according to a new study that found Bisphenol-A (BPA) exposure is linked to […]

November 27th