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Tips for Planting Fruit Trees

You’ve spent hours measuring, sketching dreaming of safe fresh food from your own garden. You’ve even determined what vegetable plants you want to grow, such as garlic, and not grow, such as artichokes. Yet it has come to the point in the plan where you see those squiggly round circles that designate fruit trees when […]

September 24th

Introduction to Permaculture, part 2

Just a few weeks ago, we did an Introduction to Permaculture looking at some of the basics of this holistic growing practice. Today we have more to add to our introduction to permaculture, and we’ll discuss zones and sectors. For those interested in permaculture design, this is a good place to begin learning. {Want to […]

September 10th

Create Your Own Forest Garden

“What exactly IS a forest garden?” you may ask. A forest garden is a purposefully created collection of multiple species of edible or beneficial plants organized in such a way as to mimic the natural system of a forest. There are many reasons to have a forest garden– time in nature, wild edibles, and free […]

September 3rd

Introduction to Permaculture: Part 1

When introducing someone to permaculture for the first time, the inevitable question is, “What’s permaculture?” This question is both easy to explain, yet difficult for someone to comprehend. Permaculture is defined by different people, in different ways. The word Permaculture was coined by Bill Mollison to describe thoughtful and small-scale ecological design process that he […]

August 27th

Adopt-a-Tree to Green your Life and your Business!

Adopt A Tree is passionate about developing environmental sustainability for future generations. They provide tree planting and marketing services to businesses that want to become greener, and individuals who want to dedicate trees to anything. Purchase trees for family, friend, lost ones, celebrations or just because you want to help the environment! Here’s their story: […]

May 8th

Gardening Tips from Martha Stewart

As many of you know, Martha Stewart is a goddess of all things home related– but she is also super into green living in the outside world. We recently shared two posts from her magazine about her adventures with composting and (some composting basics) and also an article about edible plant foraging. Good, green stuff […]

April 8th

Food Not Lawns Wants to Replant Your Yard

My mother kept a garden in my childhood backyard and considered it a point of pride. This summer my housemates and I kept a garden in the backyard and considered it a joy to contribute radishes to the local free farm stand- but I didn’t think of my mother’s or my own garden as a […]

October 27th