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Can Concrete Be Eco-Friendly?

Pioneers of green building techniques are faced with the challenging task of identifying and integrating the use of innovative, sustainable materials into the canon of eco-friendly building. Of course, any new material must answer the complicated question, “Is it really green?”  In recent years, concrete and its use in flooring and countertops has gained popularity […]

December 21st

Water Conservation Models

As the water crisis becomes more evident in our lives each day, scientists and corporations alike are investing resources in designing innovative methods of conservation and ways to help alleviate the harshest effects of this crisis worldwide. Earlier in 2007, droughts in the remote Marshall Islands near Guam impacted local populations so much that some […]

August 28th

Selecting Eco-friendly Accommodations

In the past the hotel, lodging, and travel industry was renowned for what many perceived as a startling lack of concern for the environment—the excessive consumption of energy and water alone could make the socially responsible tourist forgo these wasteful accommodations. Fortunately, visionaries in the industry recognize the importance of being green and many companies […]

March 30th

Valentine’s Day Kid Crafts

There aren’t many eco-friendly options when it comes to the traditional, character-splashed boxed cards that children exchange each February 14th. Let’s explore some non-traditional alternatives that will delight kids of all ages… Giving Eco Valentines Valentine’s Day Card Reuse Craft Projects Giving Eco Valentines If your kids are passionate about animals, have them check out […]

February 5th

Water Conservation 101

What comes to mind when you visualize the word water? Do you think of clean, pure, refreshing and . . . available? Unfortunately, in today’s world, these words are decreasingly associated with our water supply, especially as we learn more about where our water comes from and the processes by which it arrives in our […]

December 18th

Eco Toys for Tots

As a parent committed to living more sustainably, you are aware that the toys you choose for your child play an important role in the choices he or she will make later on in life.  Toys that educate children and encourage them to use their imaginations go a long way towards helping children learn to […]

December 18th

Green Remodeling with Eco Friendly Paint

Looking for a way to make your house beautiful?  There are many ways to update an old home, but whether you’re tearing down walls or just adding a little color, one thing you’ll definitely need is paint. Virtually hundreds of paint choices fill the shelves of your local hardware store, so selecting a healthy, dependable, […]

December 17th

Green Gift Giving

Whether you’re searching for a unique birthday gift for a loved one, an inexpensive holiday gift for an office gift exchange, or a special present to welcome a friend’s new baby, green gift-giving allows you to show your love and appreciation for those who are special to you while minimizing the carbon trail that gift-giving […]

December 17th

Sustainable Wood Flooring

Why is it important to look for sustainably and responsibly harvested wood flooring sources for your home projects?  The simple answer is that the world’s forests are disappearing at an alarming rate, and taking a bit of time to seek out sustainably harvested and underutilized options will have the planet and its future inhabitants thanking […]

November 26th

Your How-To Guide to Recycling

We’ve been told for years, "reduce, reuse, recycle!"  But does all of this recycling really make a difference?  Is the planet truly rewarded by our efforts?  Many scientists and environmental consultants say that simply recycling isn’t enough to combat all of the energy waste created on this planet—which is entirely true. Some people get heartily […]

October 21st