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Give the Gift of Carbon Offsets: Oroeco Partners with Impact Carbon

Rather than giving gifts of stuff this holiday season, why not give the gift of a cleaner climate? Oroeco is a California-based startup that allows users to track and share their carbon footprint, and they’ve partnered with Impact Carbon to help you give meaningful gifts for the holiday, relieve climate pressure AND help those in […]

December 19th

Green Gift Guide 2014: Fair-Trade World Teas from Tealet

Tealet falls into the category of companies we love. This awesome startup has a cool business model: they travel the world to source high quality black, green, white and red teas from various regions, working with individual farmers and growers to find the best tea available (#dreamjob). With each delicious purchase, the customer can learn […]

December 16th

Falling in Love with Fall Produce

And just like that we find ourselves in the last quarter of the year! ‘Tis the time for Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas and each brings its own plethora of delicacies to have your kitchen filled with abundance and tummies with joy. Unlikely as it is that all of the below-mentioned produce is the current […]

November 4th

Honoring Earth with Yule Log Creations

This holiday season take a trip back to some the primitive winter celebration of Yule. Traditionally a Pagan holiday, this celebration has been embraced by many environmental-minded families as a way to honor the earth and the abundance nature brings. Families celebrate the highs and lows of the year making way for exciting things to come.

Here are a few fun activities for honoring Earth with Yule log creations.

December 15th

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Live Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree has become one of the staple holiday decorations for most homes but sustainable Christmas trees aren’t always available. Sometimes severe asthma and allergy sensitivities can leave you shunning the evergreen as well. Fear not my festive friends, if you don’t want a real Christmas tree you don’t have to settle for a traditional artificial replica. The following are a list of wonderfully eco-friendly alternatives to live Christmas trees.

December 6th