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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts for Eco-Moms

Mother’s Day is a few days away, unless you’re in Mexico than you really blew it. If you waited until the last minute for mom’s gift, don’t dispair, we got you covered. We also think Mother’s Day is a perfect holiday for honoring Mother Earth and that special woman in your life. Here are some last minute Mother’s Day gifts for Eco-moms or lovely ladies looking to go green.

Vegan-Friendly Blankets for Gift Giving

Vegan-friendly materials are those which do not take advantage of animals in any way. It turns out that many of these materials not only respect animals, they also make some gorgeous blankets which are also lovely to the touch as well. Here are a few vegan-friendly blankets for gift giving that your vegan loved ones will appreciate, as well as, anyone with a penchant for curling up in comfort.

November 22nd

Play Green with Green Toys

As you create an eco friendly lifestyle for your family, don’t leave your children out!  That newest toy that beeps and whistles until you want to scream does more than just drive you crazy.  All that electronic wizardry has a bad effect on the environment (and potentially, the health of your children).  As you go in search […]

October 22nd