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Your Carbon Footprint at the 2016 Green Festival

Green festivals incorporate environmental considerations to minimize their negative impacts through reduction of waste, water, and energy, use of fair trade or organic food, incorporating local suppliers and locally sourced products, and providing education about environmental impacts. A green festival is so much fun! This year’s Green Festival Expo in San Francisco will take place November […]

November 8th

Pumpkin Recycling Tips

With Halloween just around the corner, it won’t be long before you find yourself burdened with sagging, smelly old jack-o-lanterns. Some people choose to smash their rotting pumpkins out in the streets or against their garage doors, while others simply throw them in the trash. But is this really the smart thing to do?

October 30th

Tips for Planting Fruit Trees

You’ve spent hours measuring, sketching dreaming of safe fresh food from your own garden. You’ve even determined what vegetable plants you want to grow, such as garlic, and not grow, such as artichokes. Yet it has come to the point in the plan where you see those squiggly round circles that designate fruit trees when […]

September 24th

How to Combat Aphids

Green Living Ideas is happy to welcome our newest writer, Jami Scholl. Jami is a Life Coach for WellBeing with a passion for creating beautiful permaculture gardens and food abundant communities. She is co-developing the area of PermaCoaching, and has experience in the areas where food, health and politics meet. She is an all-around creative, […]

June 26th

Future of Vertical Hydroponics

If there’s one thing that humans do better than any other animal on this planet, it’s taking up space. Since the dawn of the agricultural revolution, man has been fueled by an endless quest to grow, expand, and conquer every horizon that dares get in his way. With this spirit it could be suggested that vertical hydroponics are just another evolution of the same idea, tackling the problems of land scarcity the same way John D. Rockefeller did with New York’s overpopulation in the 1900’s.

July 20th

How to Make Compost Tea

Before you pull up a chair and Grandma’s delicate China tea set, read about how to make this garden libation which will not only replace toxic fertilizers and chemicals, but will make use of your kitchen leftovers. Here is a simple way to make compost tea this week.

January 12th