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How to Help our Bees

In case you have not heard, our bee populations are in big trouble. Experts from around the world have been reporting on declining bee populations across the world, and the disappearance of our winged friends. Bee populations help pollinate the majority of our food crops around the world, and without bees pollinating our crops, our […]

February 26th

Growing Plants Indoors: Fresh Herbs

If you think winter means you have to wash off that green thumb, think again. You can benefit from home-grown herbs all-year round with these amazing herbs that thrive indoors. Let them bask in the sunshine outdoors all summer long, and then bring them inside to a sunny window where they’ll continue to thrive from […]

January 31st

Grow your Own Organic Foods!

Most good grocers and supermarkets stock organic produce, but if you’re looking to integrate more organic foods into your diet – perhaps as part of a New Year health kick or an effort to go green – you should consider growing your own organic fruits and vegetables. The first thing to determine is where you […]

January 6th

Organic Pest Control: How to Treat Scale Infestion

What is scale and how do you know if your plants have it? What organic pest control methods are available? On first sight the plant looks like it has some sort of fungus, a scaly looking substance, with maybe some black sooty look on plant leaves. When you look more closely or rubbing your fingernail […]

December 17th

How to Create a School Garden

An epiphany dawns, warming you to your fingertips while a smile plays at the corner of your lips. Your face begins to glow and a diamond-like sparkle comes into your eyes. Invariably, whether you vocalize it or not, comes the word “Yes!”  This was my experience with my decision to create a school garden. A […]

December 3rd

Five Beautiful Edible Plants in Purple

For the uninitiated, a garden is a garden, except when it isn’t. For many, a garden falls into two camps: vegetables or flowers. The challenge comes when those plants that are considered flowers are edible… or if edible plants are to be used for aesthetic reasons. A skirmish need not occur. But confrontation does happen […]

November 26th