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Ethanol Industry Sues California

The Federal government is asking the fuel industry to incrementally raise the levels of ethanol in the country’s gas. California has state legislation called the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 calling for car fuels to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The California Air Resources Board counts indirect GHG’s created in the production of […]

February 1st

Ethanol Yields Increased 20% by Soaking Corn First

Ethanol production has its detractors in those who point out the inefficiencies of the process and the use of agricultural land and water involved, but a new process may help to change some of that. Soaking the kernels of corn before grinding them in ethanol production results in more ethanol and usable co-products – about […]

November 16th

E-Fuel MicroFueler Makes Ethanol From Old Beer

The E-Fuel MicroFueler is a still that turns waste products into 100% ethanol that you can put directly into your car- and it does it in a tank you can store at your home. The 250 gallon holding tank converts organic feedstock, including wine and beer, into ethanol through a still inside the tank. There […]

August 24th

Ethanol Producers Concerned About Antibiotic Regulation

Antibiotic overuse concerns the health care industry, as bacterial infections have become resistant to them, but why are ethanol producers concerned?  What do antibiotics have to do with making fuel from corn?  The answer lies in the process to convert corn into fuel involving enzymes, yeast and sugar and the by-product called distillers grain sold […]

April 15th