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Fossil-Funded Group Succeeds in Spreading Lies About How Much Water Desert Solar Uses

The Heartland Institute, the infamous fossil-industry-funded climate denier group that faked 500 scientists to deny climate change, is now creating a new fake narrative about water use in utility scale solar.  They did a very thorough job of disseminating their 500 supposed skeptic climate scientists story; as Desmogblog notes – helpfully printing 150,000 copies for […]

November 3rd

Solar’s Thirst for Water Concerns Desert Residents

In the move toward renewable energy, solar energy advocates in desert areas may be facing a “dirty detail”. Across the desert, large solar arrays are being planned, but residents are beginning to wonder just how much water these solar plants will require. Developers downplay the water usage as only needed to “to run the office […]

September 25th