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Your Carbon Footprint at the 2016 Green Festival

Green festivals incorporate environmental considerations to minimize their negative impacts through reduction of waste, water, and energy, use of fair trade or organic food, incorporating local suppliers and locally sourced products, and providing education about environmental impacts. A green festival is so much fun! This year’s Green Festival Expo in San Francisco will take place November […]

November 8th

Costa Rica Sets Goal to be Carbon Neutral by 2021

Costa Rica, already one of the greenest countries in the world, has the ambitious goal of becoming the world’s largest carbon neutral country by 2021. The only other country with nationwide carbon neutral aspirations is the Maldives, which recently held an underwater cabinet meeting to highlight its call for global climate change action. As evidence […]

October 18th

Carbon Gold Strikes A Deal with the Maldives

Carbon Gold is a new biochar company started by Craig Sams, co-founder of the successful Green & Black organic chocolate firm recently sold to Cadbury. Under the plan, Carbon Gold will take agricultural and fishing waste from three islands in the Maldives and transform it into biochar through a process called pyrolisis, the chemical decomposition […]

August 31st