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Ridekick Can be Your New Bicycling Sidekick

For gadget lovers, the bicycle has just entered the digital age. Ridekick International, a Colorado company, is aiming to help parents and cargo riders bicycle more using an electric-powered child trailer. The new Ridekick™ child trailer incorporates a brushless DC hub motor and a high density lithium battery to remove the strain of pulling kids […]

February 9th

WorldWatch Institute Closes Shop with a Bicycle Bang

The WorldWatch Institute is a stellar independent research organization helping to create “an environmentally sustainable society that meets human needs.” When I was doing research for my Master’s thesis on the relationship between bicycle facilities and bicycle travel, I ran across a great WorldWatch Institute publication from 1989 (before bicycling was so hip) titled The […]

July 5th

Guys Like Green Girls

A new survey conducted by footwear company Timberland, the “2010 Timberland Eco-Love Survey“, shows that men are looking for eco-friendly and adventurous girls. 54% of men would question starting a relationship with a girl who litters, 27% would question doing so if the girl didn’t recycle, 25% if she didn’t turn the lights off when […]

May 28th

New $2 Billion Bicycling & Walking Legislation

We know by now that bicycling and walking for transportation purposes are great ways to reduce climate change pollution, address the obesity epidemic and numerous other critical health problems, and create a sense of community. Additionally, there are huge economic benefits to bicycling and walking. Nonetheless, bicycling and walking are drastically underfunded in the US. […]

March 12th