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All you need to know about Copper Recycling

Copper has many amazing properties, but one of the most important is that it doesn’t degrade after multiple rounds of recycling.  Recycling scrap copper can reduce the energy input and amount of emissions as compared to when metal is extracted from its ore. This way, recycling helps in conservation of our natural resources. Copper is […]

July 24th

The Hunt for a Greener Plumber

In an age where being green is quickly becoming an industry standard, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find an ecologically conscientious plumbing company.  Many have leapt on board whole-heartedly, realizing the extensive water and energy waste produced by households with inefficient appliances and fixtures. In addition, many companies are “greening” their services, from the […]

September 19th

Green Your Hotel Stay

Whether you’re on holiday or traveling for business, looking for ways to lighten the impact of your hotel stay is important. Here are some quick “take action” tips and certified green hotel resources to guide you to a greener stay… Quick Tips Checklist Some ideas for greening your stay… Turn off the AC, heat, lights, […]

September 10th

Planet-Loving Plumbing

As the human population of planet Earth continues to grow, supplies of resources like fuel for energy and fresh water for drinking continue to dwindle. It is thus especially vital that we manage our resources as efficiently as possible. Utilizing green plumbing practices and products can have a substantial impact on the amount of water […]

August 17th

Healing Wounds with Honey

We need bees. Not only do these tiny pollinators bear gifts of wax used in many industries and a perpetual supply of pollen that sustains our food production, they also produce a powerful medicinal healer: honey. The medical community is once again tapping into this ancient healer to find new ways to employ its many […]

May 14th

International Ecotouring

International travel has long been considered a luxury.  The pricey plane tickets, the time it takes to cross time zones and oceans, and the expense of transportation and accommodations all add up to an intimidating sum. The recent rise in eco touring opportunities gives international adventurers unique alternatives when it comes to learning about a […]

March 30th

Honoring Earth Hour

Earth Hour, initiated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Sydney, Australia in 2007, was designed as a statement to raise awareness about energy efficiency and the impact of human-generated carbon emissions. Over the past year, Earth Hour has evolved into a global crusade, with strong support and equally as strong opposition. Let’s take a […]

March 29th

Earth-friendly Yarns for Eco-conscious Knitting

Most knitters know few pleasures greater than working with yarn and needles in hand. Yarn’s beautiful colors and unique texture keep the eye interested, and the repetitive hand motions and soft clicking of needles make for a soothing activity. Unfortunately, as with most things, there is more to this creatively pleasurable process than meets the […]

February 20th

The Valentine Gift of a Green Experience

If you’re interested in giving a gift that goes beyond tradition, look into the alternative option of an eco experience. These gifts can extend into virtually any area, so get creative and keep the earth in mind as you custom-design a gift for friend, family member, or romantic partner. Here are some suggestions to get […]

February 5th

Organic Milk, Freshness Guaranteed

Throughout the world, what enjoys a pure and wholesome image as the basic, life-sustaining nourishment needed from the time of infancy?  Milk, of course! And the dairy industry goes to great lengths to promote milk as an essential and complete food for those of all ages.  The average American consumes over 550 pounds of dairy […]

December 17th

Case Studies in Small Home Living

Build a better world?  Build community?  Build your life?  Building is such a valued activity in the U.S. and Canada that we use the verb to show value, to enhance all kinds of activities.  We build up a nest egg, our careers, even our bodies. With our relatively low population density, our frontier-driven nations seem […]

November 14th