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Checking for Phantom Loads Using a Watt-Meter

Eliminating phantom loads (vampire power) from your home is a great way to save money on your monthly utilities. What’s a phantom load? A phantom load is the amount of energy your electronic devices will use when they’re plugged in, but not turned on. That’s right, many electronic devices (especially older ones) will actively draw a small […]

May 6th

How Home Automation Saves Energy and Money

The world of Home Automation doesn’t just include items like security systems. That’s part of it, but only the beginning. Automation of one’s property involves multiple levels of safety and energy conservation, from security to green power, monitors and detectors, solar panels, even small appliance control and remote accessibility. These devices can be controlled remotely […]

December 20th

Be an Eco Friendly Appliance User

The appliances that are in our homes – washers, dryers, fridges and stoves – play a major role in our lives. They do a lot for us, from cleaning dishes, clothes, storing food, and more, but what you may not realize is they add to your monthly electric bill and they put increasing power demands […]

April 14th

Get Rid of Energy Vampires!

Do vampires and phantoms haunt you? No, not the kind that lurk around your psyche or those two-fanged kind traditionally from Transylvania. We’re talking about the energy vampires and phantom loads that suck the energy from your home when your appliances are turned off but still plugged in. It’s true: appliances that are plugged in […]

April 24th