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10 Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air

Until recently, nobody suspected there could be anything like indoor air pollution. With the development of technology and the better insulation of buildings in the past decades to save heating costs and to conserve energy, the air indoors gradually grew more stagnant allowing for common household pollutants to accumulate and in turn affect our health.

September 26th

Urban Air Pollution Increases Blood Pressure

There are many aspects of city life that are stressful.  From traffic to noise, urban residents encounter many situations each day that have the potential to raise their blood pressure.  Even if you live a calm, meditative municipal life, the very air you breathe is enough to raise your blood pressure, according to a new […]

May 17th

50,000 Brits Killed by Air Pollution Each Year: Climate Change Targets to Blame

We breathe it in; we breathe it out.  We can’t survive without out, but often the air we breathe is tainted with pollution.  Sometimes is noticeable, such as when visiting smog plagued southern California, but usually we don’t even notice air pollution’s presence.  Pollution from traffic causes genetic changes in utero and increases risk of […]

March 23rd