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Clean Technica EV Report

We are very excited to announce the release of the first Clean Technica EV Report, an exclusive White Paper by our very own Zach Shahan. Zach is a clean tech expert, EV enthusiast, and Director of our site CleanTechnica, the world’s number one source for clean tech news and reporting. Zach is also an Editor and writer for our […]

January 25th

How To Test And Maintain Your Car’s Tire Pressure

Checking and maintaining your cars tire pressure is an easy way to ensure it’s running efficiently. Not only that, it will help to reduce wear and tear, improve safety, improve gas mileage, saving you money in both gas and repairs over the life time of the vehicle. This might sound like it’s too good to […]

August 5th

The Perfect Green Car: Designed By You

Tesla’s Engineering Tools Director, Paul Lomangino, sees the creative process as the most critical to ensuring car buyers are happy and become lifelong brand advocates. Lomangino describes the creative process at Tesla as a team effort, saying, “At Tesla Motors, we depend on everybody to be as creative and productive as possible.” Tesla’s design and performance […]

May 23rd

Range-Extended BMW i3 Gets Full $2,500 California EV Rebate

There’s no denying it: California is one of the most important car markets in the world for manufacturers, and the state’s $2,500 zero-emissions vehicle rebate is very helpful for competing there. There are several specific requirements a car must meet to get the full $2,500 rebate, and most plug-in cars that aren’t 100% electric can’t […]

May 3rd

Nissan Highlights Quiet of Electric Cars By Running Race Through Sleeping Town

Electric cars have many benefits: excellent efficiency, a super smooth ride, amazing acceleration, no tailpipe emissions, no reliance on foreign oil, the great convenience of never having to visit a gas station again (ability to charge up at home overnight instead), and unquestionably quiet transportation. Nissan recently highlighted that last point by running a race between […]

May 3rd

Electric Vehicles See Very Strong Sales

Plug in Electric Vehicle (PEVs) in their first 2½ years on the market have seen about double the sales of hybrid electric vehicles 2½ years after they made their debut in 2000, according to a new report. An Electrification Coalition and Price Waterhouse Coopers study, “State of the Plug-in Electric Vehicle,” finds that PEVs — including Tesla’s […]

August 13th

Companies we Love: Papillionaire Bicycles

We all know that bicycling is best way to decrease our carbon footprint, save money on transportation costs, and keep our butts in steely form. Heck, bikeability is even good for real estate value of your house! Need more– here’s 10 reasons why biking is good. Across the world, bicycle commuting is becoming the new normal, […]

May 10th

The Dog that Rescued Me & a 101 on Residential Solar

We not only celebrated Valentine’s Day, but the addition of a new furry green diva, Gracie Mae. GD Meg rescued Gracie Mae, who came up from Texas to Eleventh Hour Rescue here in NJ. Gracie Mae is a gorgeous 5-year old dog that is ALL love, wags and licks and only had one sneezing fit during the broadcast

February 18th

Ridekick Can be Your New Bicycling Sidekick

For gadget lovers, the bicycle has just entered the digital age. Ridekick International, a Colorado company, is aiming to help parents and cargo riders bicycle more using an electric-powered child trailer. The new Ridekick™ child trailer incorporates a brushless DC hub motor and a high density lithium battery to remove the strain of pulling kids […]

February 9th