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How Home Automation Saves Energy and Money

The world of Home Automation doesn’t just include items like security systems. That’s part of it, but only the beginning. Automation of one’s property involves multiple levels of safety and energy conservation, from security to green power, monitors and detectors, solar panels, even small appliance control and remote accessibility. These devices can be controlled remotely […]

December 20th

Powerlessness & Gratitude: Message from post-Sandy NJ

We are in northern, New Jersey. We were hit pretty hard by Sandy, but from what I can tell, we got off easy compared to lower Manhattan, Queens and the Jersey shore. We experienced 5 days of powerlessness. By day 3 I stopped flicking light switches, and quickly adjusted to candlelit dinners and huddling around the fireplaces for warmth, light and quietude.

November 6th

Easy DIY Gift Ideas for the Non-Crafty Green Diva

I’m not the craftiest green diva, but I have been so inspired by some of my creative friends lately. Pinterest has become a visual buffet of craft porn and I’ve been having this urge to stop everything, run to Michael’s for supplies and get creative with so much of the old stuff lying around here.

September 26th

Dye Your Easter Eggs Naturally

The closer Easter gets, the more excited I am to try all the new and natural ways for dyeing Easter eggs. No Easter has passed in our home without vividly colored eggs and this year will make no difference except for the fact that for the very first time we will be using all natural […]

March 30th

The Pros and Cons of Tiny Homes

Every second source of information on the Internet is discussing living in tiny homes these days. A typical tiny home seldom exceeds 500 square feet (46 m2) and often has wheels underneath. The idea behind small homes is not just to reduce size but to utilize practical design that incorporates technological advances of space saving […]

March 16th

Make Your Own Lipstick Alternatives

Feel Good Style reports, lead is toxic enough to warrant candy makers to only allow .1 parts per million (ppm). However, it’s now surfaced in the cosmetic world that popular companies like L’Oreal are putting out products with up to 7.19 (ppm). While lipstick does serve the fashionista purpose of coloring the lips, most of us simply like the soft way it leave s our lips so risking our health just isn’t worth it. Finding a replacement is actually rather easy. Here are a few lipstick replacements easily found and created at home.

March 13th

Recycling Sneakers, Urban Homesteading & Jessica Alba

Never a dull moment in the Green Divas studio . . . an all green diva day with our usual array of diverse information ranging form recycling sneakers to ONE of our awesome recent interviews with Jessica Alba. And our inspiring interview with Rachel Kaplan, author of Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living, which is destined […]

February 26th

Make Your Own Chicken Feed

For a while I fed our backyard gals feed store varieties of feed. I thought for sure the bag of food had some magical properties that sustained our girls and kept them producing gorgeous, tasty eggs. After learning about the dangers of GMOs though I had to take a look at what was being fed to our poultry darlings. Some research showed not only could our chickens be sustained mostly on scraps and free ranging, but that feed could be made easily and cost-efficiently. You can make your own chicken feed to save money and avoid GMO ingredients.

February 9th

Fresh Cut Flower Alternatives for Your Sweetheart

Sure it may be easy to stop by the local grocery store for a bouquet of blooms, but do you know from where they came? Are they organic? Were the workers who cared for them and cut them treated and paid fairly? Worry not a minute longer about the ethics of the floral world. Here are some fresh cut flower alternatives for enchanting your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

February 7th