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5 Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

Even though Earth Day was one month ago today, every day is Earth Day around here. Here are some tips to incorporate Earth Day’s ideals and values in your own life throughout the year. Recycle– Take a solid look at your trash. Even if you have green intentions, it’s likely that you probably have some […]

May 22nd

GTR: Recycled and Reused Retail Goods with Savers

GreenTalk Radio Host Sean Daily discusses retail goods business models and the market for second-hand goods with Tony Shumpert, Vice President of Operations with Savers Recycling, Inc. Click Play Below,or Transcript Sean Daily: Hi everybody, this is Sean Daily with GreenTalk Radio and now also on the personal live media network. Welcome to another […]

June 18th

5 Simple Ways to Stop Junk Mail

Interested in reducing the influx of junk mail you receive every day?  Start off a fresh New Year by reducing the junk mail waste stream flowing into your home.  The average American household receives unsolicited junk mail in the equivalent of 1.5 trees every year, and 44% of that is thrown away unopened! If you […]

January 3rd

Waste Reduction Efforts Net Zero Waste Goals

Consider for a moment that humans are the only species on our planet that generate waste—not exactly a distinction conveying a higher order of thought!  In a natural cycle, one creature’s cast-offs are another’s food resource.  Our traditional and linear production methods force most waste to be considered garbage, which means that a significant amount […]

December 18th

How to Reuse Those Old Tires

While many people don’t give tires a second thought beyond inflating air pressure from time to time, those big, old pieces of rubber are actually quite useful for someone who practices sustainable living.  Tire reuse right in your back yard doesn’t just make the trash pile at the dump smaller; it also saves you money […]

October 22nd

Cut Your Garbage Output

You may have a hybrid car and all the latest energy-efficient appliances, but if you’re still throwing away a great deal of garbage every day, you may not be living the green life you’ve envisioned.  Here are some ideas for reducing your contribution to the waste stream:   If you don’t tote along reusable bags […]

October 22nd