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Non-Materialistic, Memory Making, Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Giving non-materialistic are eco-friendly gifts are ultimate ways to create a long lasting memories for the recipients and benefit the planet. The next best idea to giving fair trade goodies and handmade items from local shops is to give an experience that the recipients will not forget. They not only eliminate waste, but more often, […]

December 11th

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Live Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree has become one of the staple holiday decorations for most homes but sustainable Christmas trees aren’t always available. Sometimes severe asthma and allergy sensitivities can leave you shunning the evergreen as well. Fear not my festive friends, if you don’t want a real Christmas tree you don’t have to settle for a traditional artificial replica. The following are a list of wonderfully eco-friendly alternatives to live Christmas trees.

December 6th

30 Cyber Monday Craft Ideas: Don’t Shop, CRAFT!

On Cyber Monday I will not present you with a list of great deals and online places to spend your hard-earned cash. Instead, I will give you a list of my favorite green DIYs to make with your family for your family. Let’s call it Buy Nothing Cyber Day, shall we? Turn to your loved ones, spend time with them and show them love. Material well-being is great but it cannot buy affection.

November 28th

Use Bananas for Healthy Skin

Bananas are in the top 5 of the most nourishing fruits because they contain large quantities of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, iodine, and vitamins A, B, E, and F. Apart from taking care of your bones, eyesight, and kidneys they are also a great way to preserve the quality of your skin and hair. So, not only you can eat them but you can also use bananas alone or in combination with other natural ingredients to make face masks 34maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

November 21st

How to Wear Green Clothes

Instead of following main-stream modern yuppie advice I would suggest that you turn to your inner self and to your roots. Think what your grandma used to do. Of course in a fast-paced life you cannot weave your fabrics but there are many more little steps you could take to make sure your body, your wallet and your earth feel well.

November 14th

10 Ways to Green Back To School and Save Money

It might still feel like summer in some parts of the country but it’s “back-to-school” season. But before you go out and start outfitting your future scholars with everything for a new academic year, think of ways to green their “back-to-school” while keeping your money in your wallet. Here are ten great ways to green […]

August 12th

Plastic World (Infographic)

Plastic — can you imagine a day without it? It has come to be a component of nearly everything we buy and use, it seems. On the one hand, plastic has made things possible that might not have been possible. On the other hand, there are a few major problems (at least) with its widespread use….

August 1st

3 Tips for More Sustainable Living

There are a million different ways to live sustainably and if you think about them all, they can make your head spin. I’m the epitome of ‘Give me the Cliffnotes version!” type of a person. So let’s see how we can simplify ways to live sustainably.

February 8th

Incredible Sculptures Created from Recycled Circuit Boards

It’s incredible just what you can do with a few old printed circuit boards and a bit of imagination. Steven Rodrig has created these hauntingly beautiful pieces from the innards of dead computers, reprocessing their abandoned circuitry into animals and plants from the natural world. Chipsets, wires and ports become turtles, cacti and dragonflies. There’s […]

April 8th

The Story of Stuff with Author Annie Leonard

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks with author Annie Leonard about her book, “The Story of Stuff.” iPods, DVD players, cars, clothes, jewelry, computers, flat screen TVs… or more generally, STUFF. Stuff surrounds us, it permeates our personal and work lives. We’re told from birth that having more stuff will make us happier, and that […]

March 19th

10,000 Gallons a Day of Animal Waste Fuel Head to Market

Last month a rural Minnesota factory began pumping out commercial-scale quantities of biodiesel made from animal waste like pig parts and waste fats… and almost any other waste  fats and oils.   The idea isn’t new, – – Sweden was able to reduce carbon emissions 9% below their Kyoto goal while growing their economy 44% by […]

December 3rd

Where Does Your Garbage Go? MIT Wants To Find Out

You buy something, bring it home, unwrap it, and toss the package in the trash can. On garbage day you put it all into a bigger trash can out on the curb and the magical garbage truck takes it away. But where does the garbage truck take the trash? Well, a landfill, or it gets […]

August 3rd

Eco-Friendly Printing Options for Your Home Office

If you spend a good amount of time in your home office, then you might want to consider how best you can green your work environment.  Paper is one of the biggest sources of waste in every home office. While digitizing your work is really the better option for trees, there is no getting around […]

June 9th