Eco Friendly Home Maintenance

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Green Roofs

The height of owning a sustainable home would be to install a green roof.  Green roofs are part of sustainable construction in most major cities and in many parts of Europe.  These eco friendly buildings contain an actual living roof made up of plants and grass.  A true green roof system reduces heating inside the […]

October 22nd

Plug Those Air Leaks

One of the key factors that the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) takes into consideration when granting a Green Building Certification is energy efficiency and materials selection.  Most of us grew up being told, "I’m not paying to heat/cool the outdoors!"  And, as a gesture of appeasement, we shut the front door.  Unfortunately, […]

October 22nd

Energy Saving Window Choices

If your lovely home is filled with big windows, you may be undoing all the good that those energy-saving appliances do. Here are a few tips for greening your windows to save big on energy: Windows are the most common place for homes to lose heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. […]

October 22nd