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What Are Green Vacations and How Do You Take One?

Green living has firmly taken root among the affluent population, and hotel and resort owners are standing up and taking notice.  There are many resorts who are working hard to look green when they really aren’t, a marketing ploy known as "greenwashing".  But there are truly green establishments who are attracting an environmentally conscious clientele […]

October 22nd

What Are the Best Florida Ecotours?

A beautiful and unique part of the world with a fragile ecosystem is the Florida Everglades.  Preservation of this natural area is of utmost importance, yet many visitors flock to see the Everglades every year. Another fragile and breathtaking natural wonder that draws tourists are the Florida coral reefs.  The Everglades Day Safari company offers visitors an eco tour […]

October 22nd

Green Credit Cards for Travelers

Many travelers find that using credit cards helps them stay safer and manage unexpected expenses away from home. Credit card providers are on board by offering cards that let you contribute to environmental causes with every purchase. Barclay’s bank offers a Breathe card that offers a lower interest rate on train and bus tickets. The […]

October 22nd

Are Eco Vacations Really Saving the Earth?

Eco vacations are all the rage among those dedicated to green living, however, the question has been raised as to how much of an impact they really have.  Some ecosystems are so fragile that more visitors, no matter how respectful, are just too much for the area to handle. One area that is often mentioned […]

October 22nd