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A Guide To Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are a great way to improve the ambiance of any room in your home and they’re also an easy way to save both money and energy. But how do these switches work? Which bulbs do you need to make them work, and can I install one of them myself? Lucky for you we’ve […]

November 30th

How To Flush Your Hot Water Tank

Your hot water tank represents one of the biggest opportunities for both money and water savings in your home. Literally every gallon of warm or hot water you use throughout your home will pass through it at some point and as a result your unit will require periodic maintenance. Fortunately, maintaining your hot water tank […]

November 21st

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Computer More Energy Efficient

We live in the information age, where it seems that almost anything can be found by simply typing a few words into a Google search, but did you ever stop to think of how much that convenience might actually be costing you? The answer might surprise you. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) computers […]

October 14th

5 Energy Saving Tips To Beat The Heat

Everyone knows how uncomfortable it can be to be stuck in a hot car, classroom, or home in the middle of a heat wave…it’s pretty tough! Fortunately, beating the heat and providing yourself with a cool, comfortable environment doesn’t have to be synonymous with spending money and using lots of energy. Just try implementing some of these […]

October 9th

5 Energy Saving Tips For Washing Your Dishes

Hot water is a triple whammy for your utility bills. First, it costs money to get the water (water bill). Second, it costs money to heat that water (electricity or gas bill). And last, it costs money to dispose of that water (sewer bill). All together, that’s a lot of potential savings with some small […]

September 28th

The Basics Of HVAC

When it comes to keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are great at doing just that. However, they can be costly to operate, especially if they aren’t maintained regularly. So to help you save money and get a better understanding of how […]

September 26th

5 Money-saving Sustainable Food Strategies

What do you store your leftovers in? I’m sure, like most people you place them into a plastic tupperware container, however you may be surprised to learn that some food storage options add their own special “flavor” to your leftovers. That flavor may be bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, antimony, or any number of other chemicals that, […]

September 25th

7 Energy Efficiency Tips For Your Fridge And Freezer

  Refrigerators and freezers represent one of the best opportunities in your home to achieve both energy and money savings. After all, your fridge and freezer account for roughly 16% of your monthly electric bill. So to help you start saving energy and money around your home we’ve come up with the following energy efficiency […]

September 25th

Amps, Volts and Watts: What it means for energy efficiency

If you’ve ever purchased any sort of electronic device for your home, odds are you’ve come across the terms amperage (amps), voltage (volts) and wattage (watts). But what exactly do all these terms mean, and why do they matter? In short, having an understanding of amps, volts and watts can help you save money on […]

September 24th

How To Read And Interpret Your Monthly Electric Bill

When it comes to saving money and energy around your home, your monthly electric bill is one of the best places to start. After all, it can provide you with a wealth of information like your usage habits and your current energy rates. However, these monthly billing statements can be a tad bit tricky when […]

September 18th

Clean Technologies For Cooling And Heating Your Home

Today there are all sorts of different systems you can have installed in order to green your home and make it more energy and water efficient, but which ones give you the best bang for your buck? After all, your home is a serious financial investment and making it as energy and water efficient as possible […]

September 15th

How Your Fridge And Freezer Work

Knowing how your fridge and freezer work is a great place to start when it comes to making them more energy efficient. After all, fridges and freezers account for roughly 6% of the average monthly electric bill. So to help you get a head start on saving both money and energy, we’ve come up with […]

September 12th

5 Effective Tips for Hanging Clothes to Dry Inside

Among the appliances in your home, the clothes dryer is one of the top 3-4 users of electricity. For many people, this means they spend several hundred dollars a year to dry clothing. In addition, using a clothes dryer destroys your clothes (that lint you clean out from the lint screen every time? That’s your […]

September 1st