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Shedding Light On LED Lights: Leaders In Cost & Performance

In this era about driving attention to energy efficiency, few,  if any, are going to argue a case against the benefits of using LED lights. But replacing burnt-out incandescent bulbs with LEDs is no simple undertaking, especially when it comes to price. LED bulbs, built using emitting diodes, although certain to last longer than the Edison-style […]

October 12th

History Of Energy Gardens

Before I begin writing about energy gardens, it is incredibly helpful to understand what they are, what they aren’t, and their level of independence from whatever energy utility serves the vicinity. The concept of distributed energy According to the US Department of Energy, “distributed energy consists of a range of smaller-scale and modular devices designed […]

October 6th

The True Cost Of Light Bulbs: LED vs CFL vs Incandescent

Thomas Edison (the man who invented the modern incandescent light bulb as we know it) once said “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles”. While I appreciate the philanthropic nature of his comment, something tells me he never would have predicted just how much it costs to power the light […]

February 19th

How Gas And Electric Water Heaters Work

Did you know that water heaters are typically the second biggest user of electricity in your home? It’s true, central A/C systems come in at #1, but not far behind at #2 is your water heater. After all, literally every ounce of hot water you use to take showers, wash clothes and dishes, etc. has […]

February 9th