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Hello Flow– Green your Period

Have you ever considered the environmental impact of the tampons and pads we use each month? Are you looking for ways to green your period? Recently, I’ve been considering my options for dealing with my monthly period. When I am debating the purchase of items, I always consider two things: 1. the footprint of the […]

November 15th

Recycling at Starbucks – A Cup, Recycling Practices, and You

The last time I wrote, I was traveling around Japan, taking note of all the recycling practices that are in place countrywide and wondering how these practices might be replicated in America.  One place in particular that I found myself most awed was Starbucks, the iconic American coffee house. The difference of recycling that Starbucks […]

June 12th

An American Entrepreneur Learns Eco-Living in Japan

Greetings from Japan, readers! I have been studying Japanese paper making the past month and will continue traveling in Japan through the New Year. As part of my education, I am learning the Japanese way of life that includes recycling, eco-living, and less waste. My posts for the next few weeks, or until I get […]

January 7th