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6 Business Ideas for Green Bloggers

Everyone has trouble thinking positively about money. Most people think you can’t make money without doing something bad, something against your values. Some think if you have a lot of money, you’ll lose your hold on your values, you’ll be disconnected from the “regular folk”. But it’s about time this mentality about money shifted.

April 11th

Teaching Kids to Go Green By Playing Games

Having a hard time explaining to your kids why the family’s going green? If you’re living in a typical neighborhood, kids are glued to their XBox and PC games. Kids love games, and they often don’t mind playing brainy games that teach them new things. Fortunately, there’s a few new games out that serve to […]

April 4th

How to Make Natural Playdough

Remember playing with that nasty smelling stuff – Play-Doh – as a kid? It was fun and colorful, but it certainly stank up the home! I can’t tell you what’s in it, but I don’t think it’s safe enough to eat. There’s another way to play with colorful putty – you can make your own! […]

March 28th

Keeping Our Water Clean

Water recycles over and over. Whatever we put in water now will return to us again. Our oceans are filling up with plastic trash and industrial runoff, allowing toxic slime molds and algae blooms to thrive, while killing larger life like seals, albatross birds, and dolphins. Most of our drinking water comes from aquifers below […]

March 21st

Judge Throws Out Organic Farmers’ Suit Against Monsanto

Last week, U.S. Federal District Judge Naomi Buchwald dismissed the lawsuit brought by thousands of organic farmers against agribusiness giant Monsanto. The suit was intended to protect organic farmers from infringing on Monsanto’s future crop patents, in the event that pollen from the company’s GMO crops drifted to organic farms and thus began to grow […]

March 7th