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Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Christmas time is once again upon us, and with the holiday season comes the massive amounts of waste caused by consumerism. Every year tons of wrapping paper, gift bags and greeting cards go to waste- not to mention the billions of plastic packaging that winds up in landfills once a gift has been opened. In this article we will discuss ways to lessen the damaging impact you’ll have on the planet this holiday season.

December 5th

Pumpkin Recycling Tips

With Halloween just around the corner, it won’t be long before you find yourself burdened with sagging, smelly old jack-o-lanterns. Some people choose to smash their rotting pumpkins out in the streets or against their garage doors, while others simply throw them in the trash. But is this really the smart thing to do?

October 30th

3 Simple Organic Gardening Tips

A good organic garden takes a certain set of special techniques to ensure that you get a lot of produce. These techniques are often picked up over time. Those who don’t feel like learning as they go can start using these three simple organic gardening tips to bring in the bountiful harvest as soon as […]

May 23rd

Natural Sore Throat Remedies

It’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll wind up with a sore throat at least once now that Winter is fast approaching. Rather than waste time and money on over-the-counter medicine (which really do nothing other than numb your throat,) why not try some good old fashioned, natural home remedies to stop the pain?

January 18th

Tips To Avoid Winter Illnesses

With the Winter season fast approaching, you are probably looking to stock up on methods to steer clear of seasonal-related illnesses. The flu and the common cold run rampant this time of year, making life miserable for all of us. In this article we will discuss some simple, yet efficient, ways to prevent or treat winter illnesses, using natural home remedies.

January 10th