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Andrea Bertoli Vegetarian chef, educator, blogger, and yogi based on the gathering isle of Oahu. Follow her foodie adventures at Vibrant Wellness Journal, Vibrant Wellness Education, Green Living Ideas and Green UPGRADER. Find more from Andrea on Facebook, , Instagram and Twitter.

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Edible City: The Movie

February 12th, 2014 | by Andrea Bertoli

There are so many things wrong with our food system: massive food recalls, false advertising, miracle weight-loss pills and more.

What is the True Cost Of Solar?

January 27th, 2014 | by Andrea Bertoli

http://youtu.be/KhVeJQKfsWs Below is an article I wrote a few months ago for CostofSolar.com — the story is essentially the same today. In order to bring even more attention to this matter, I also commissioned the above video through Solar Love &&hellip

Solar Charging for Everyone!

January 22nd, 2014 | by Andrea Bertoli

Don’t let visitors be caught powerless! CarrierClass Green Infrastructure’s New ConnecTablesTM Solar Charging Stations Offer Sustainable Charging Solution for Colleges,

Top Geothermal News!

January 15th, 2014 | by Andrea Bertoli

Though we don’t talk too often about clean tech here on Green Living Ideas, we’re certainly big fans of a

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