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How To Measure Your Attic’s Insulation

A great way to ensure that your home is using energy efficiently is to be sure that your attic is insulated properly. Did you know that a properly insulated home can save roughly 20% of a homes annual heating and cooling costs? Its true. Thankfully, measuring your attics insulation is a very straight forward and […]

December 10th

How To Measure Your Attic’s Temperature and Assess Insulation Needs

Keeping your home properly insulated can a long way when it comes to ensuring that it’s using energy efficiently, but did you ever stop to think about your attic temperature and insulation? Odds are it may be the last thing you think of when it comes to home energy usage, but you’d be surprised at […]

December 6th

Home insulation, good money saving habits, and you

By now most Green Living Ideas readers know the value of home insulation, but for those new to the green lifestyle, insulation is like an extra blanket on your bed in the winter. Except for houses, the insulation can help keep in cooler air in the summer and warmer air in the winter. Pointing out […]

December 14th

Green Insulation Leads to Safety and Savings

While it isn’t difficult to plan a green building from scratch, many eco-conscious individuals who have a desire to convert their traditional homes to something more eco-friendly may face a few more challenges.  Green remodeling requires the home remodeler to consider many things before making the necessary changes. The main concern is dealing with the […]

October 20th