Published on March 9th, 2013 | by Andrea Bertoli

How Universities are going Green– An Infographic

Here’s a super cool infographic that looks at how our institutions of higher education are leading the way in green building and sustainable initiatives. There are so many ways that large universities and collages can make positive changes that their student, faculty and staff can be proud of. Some of the examples of green initiative listed below are reducing bottled water consumption, using local produce, reducing paper use (saving money and resources!) and implementing solar and other alternative energy sources throughout campus. For more information (and to see if your campus made the cut!), check out Clean Technica’s list of the 332 greenest colleges and Sustainablog’s popular post about the top 12 Green Colleges and Universites.

Happy (green) learning!


How Universities are Going Green

Three cheers for green campuses!

Thanks to Master of Education for the infographic.

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3 Responses to How Universities are going Green– An Infographic

  1. Jerrod says:

    You didn’t mention NYU. New York University has the most efficient transportation system compared to suburban campuses. NYU has one of the lowest sqft per student ratios. All new construction has sustainability requirements.

  2. I’d say universities were the first to embrace green lifestyle. They were the first ones to spread the idea that one can study from his home/work place. No need to spend on gas, get stuck in traffic to attend a class from other side of the city. Green living is not restricted to the changing climatic conditions. It is about how we can live consciously.

    Great infographic : )

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