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Published on January 24th, 2012 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Making More than Lemonade from Lemons

I am lucky to have a lemon tree growing in the yard but now I have an overflowing wheel barrow full of sunshine. It’s easy to accumulate a pile of lemons and anxiously wonder what to do with all of them. In some parts of the country, rat populations increase and become a major problem when citrus fruits are left in the trees for too long. Bipolar temperatures rising and than plummeting can ruin ripened fruit almost overnight. There’s several ways to use up your supply and interestingly enough, lemonade isn’t always the most popular use for these golden citrus orbs.

Here are a few ways to use up your supply of lemons making more than just lemonade from lemons.

lemon with shrimp

Lemon with shrimp

1. Flavoring Your Favorite Dishes and Drinks with Lemons

Lemons make drinking water more palatable, tea even more tasty and add some zing to your favorite smoothies. Lemon juice and the zest of lemons can also make homemade pasta even more amazing, give cookie and bread doughs more character and balance out ultra creamy dishes. And squeeze some lemon juice on seafood, and you’ve got a gourmet seafood dish.

{CC photo courtesy of Chugy on Flickr}

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