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Published on January 6th, 2012 | by Lynn Fang


How To Throw A Zero Waste, Eco-Chic Birthday Party

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If kids can have eco-friendly birthday parties, then so can adults. It may sound daunting, but you really can be zero waste, eco-chic, and still have a blast celebrating your very adult birthday. The zero waste magic happens before and after the party, so while you’re mingling with your guests, don’t worry, just party!

[ We've got some great resources already on throwing an Eco-Fabulous Party and Easy Eco Entertaining. Here are some more great ideas to help you save waste and have fun. ]


Try digital, paperless invites like Evite or Punchbowl.

If you really need to use formal paper invites, try recycled or plantable paper cards:

Reusable or Compostable Tableware

If you’re having a small party, real, reusable tableware is the most eco-friendly option. If you don’t have an extensive set of dinnerware for a small party, consider using bamboo, fulfilling all your party needs. If you’re having a big party, use compostable dinnerware. Compostable dinnerware come in all different varieties. They are most frequently made from fallen palm leaves and sugarcane. Bamboo is also compostable. Places to get eco-friendly dinnerware:



Compostable Party Kits

Green Planet Parties Tableware

Compostable Leafware

Compostable Dinnerware from

Green Party Goods Tableware

Paper Straws are a great alternative to plastic ones. You can also try glass straws for a more reusable approach.

And remember, be sure to compost it!

Food & Drink

Serve organic beer and wine, and try to incorporate as much organic food as possible into your party menu. Use cloth napkins and in general stick with reusables as much as possible. If you do need to rely on disposable items, be sure to get recyclable or compostable items.


For a bright, festive kids party, try these Biodegradable Crepe Streamers and Biodegradable Latex Balloons. You can also get the kids together and Make Your Own Confetti.

For atmospheric lighting, use Beeswax or Organic Soy Candles. For outdoor events, try using solar yard lights.

Use living plants to decorate – buy or pick fresh flowers and place them in a vase, or just pot some of your own plants.

Party Favors

Depending on whether you’re hosting adults or kids, you can get as classy or crafty as you’d like. For adults, Fair Trade Drinking ChocolateEdible Gifts, and Fair Trade Chocolate work wonders. If you’re entertaining kids, you can use your old newspaper or other craft paper and Make Your Own Party Hats, and play simple earth-friendly games. If there’s confetti involved, try some Plantable Confetti!

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