Published on June 25th, 2009 | by Reenita Malhotra

IT Companies Go Green Thanks to the Eco-Logical Initiative

Would you like to see the companies that provide your favorite IT services go green? Well, with some help from the Eco-Logical initiative, it is actually happening.


The  Eco-Logical initiative is an interesting cooperative program that has been put together by four different companies  to educate enterprises and organizations on how to combine environmental concern and commitment with rational and intelligent business management.

What is particularly interesting abut the program is the huge reservoir of information it has created for IT professionals who are interested in green IT, server efficiency and managing a more ecological data center.

Aside from a series of white papers and reports, Eco-logical has put together a video series of best practices from some of the companies whose products and services we use on a regular basis.  In this video, they speak with Josh Morton, Vice President of Enterprise Services for Sprint. Morton discusses the company’s high levels of corporate stewardship and responsibility and their look at the full life-cycle of reducing environmental impacts from their data center.


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