Monthly Archives:February 2009

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Use Natural Products to Clean Your Home

Most people believe that keeping the home clean maximizes health. While this might be true in theory, research shows that clean houses are increasingly co-related with lowered immunity in families. The reason is that most conventional household cleaning detergents release chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can be extremely toxic.. So don’t let yourself […]

February 23rd

Give Your Home an Energy Efficiency Makeover

Have you given your home an energy efficiency makeover recently? Given rising electricity, oil and natural gas prices, a home energy efficiency makeover is highly recommended to help manage your pocketbook while keeping your home at the right temperature in all seasons.   An energy-efficient home is a strong defense against winter winds, rain, sleet, […]

February 20th

Support Your Farmers by Eating Locally

Did you know that you can help curtail global warming just by changing up the fruits and vegetables you buy everyday? Most of the food you eat travels hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles to get to your kitchen table.  Food shipped and trucked from all corners of the world uses untold millions of gallons […]

February 16th