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NEVs on the Urban Street Scene

Neighborhood electric vehicles—more commonly called NEVs and sometimes referred to as Low-Speed Vehicles (or LSVs)—are an economical and environmentally responsible alternative to driving a gas-guzzling combustion engine-equipped car on short trips around town or daily commutes to work. Almost every state in the U.S. permits NEV-driving on streets with a posted speed limit of 35 […]

April 30th

Reusable Diapers

Diapers are a messy business, literally and figuratively.  According to the National Association of Diaper Services, an average baby goes through a whopping 5,000 diapers before he or she is ready to use the potty. The Association does not specify whether or not those diapers are cloth or disposable, and it’s probably just as well; […]

April 27th

Home-Mixed Finger Paint Fun

Homemade finger paint is fun to make and use.  Natural finger paint is made straight from your pantry and is free of synthetic dyes and pigments . Kids love exploring how things work and they’ll to create their own project from start to finish.  These natural finger paints are made from ingredients straight from your […]

April 27th

Natural Cleaning Recipes

Why spend a fortune on cleaning products that introduce toxic chemicals into your living space? You can use simple ingredients, such as baking soda, lemons, and vinegar to make effective cleaners that work in every room of your house.

April 27th

GTR: Prefinishing Green Flooring with Carlisle

Sean Daily, Green Living Ideas’ Editor-in-Chief talks with Lindsay Barczuk, Green Programs Coordinator at Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, about prefinishing green flooring as an effective way to control VOC-offgassing during home floor installation. Click Play Below,or Transcript Sean Daily: Hi and welcome to Green Talk, a podcast series from Green Talk helps listeners in […]

April 25th

Brush Up with an Eco Toothbrush

It might be difficult to imagine the effect that one tiny toothbrush can have on the environment.  If you consider that about 50 million toothbrush pounds make their way into U.S. landfills every year, the collective result is quite a hefty waste load. Here are some tips for making a planet-friendly pick once your current […]

April 23rd

GTR: Green Web Hosting with Solar VPS

Sean Daily, Green Living Ideas’ Editor-in-Chief, talks with Ross Brouse, founder and owner of Solar Virtualization Technology Group (Solar VTG) and Solar VPS, about green web server hosting for personal and professional applications. Click Play Below,or Transcript Sean Daily:   Hi and welcome to Green Talk, a podcast series from Green Talk helps listeners in […]

April 21st

Eco-Hip Baby Carriers for New Dads

More and more father figures, from celebrities to your neighborhood superstar dads, have been spotted carrying their kids just about everywhere, as they head into coffee shops and head out for a morning walk in the park. Hip, eco-friendly slings allow new dads the opportunity to catch up on baby bonding time as they multitask, […]

April 19th

Earth Day Events

Earth Day, celebrated each April 22nd, was created as an opportunity to spread awareness of conservation issues.  Since the birthday of Earth Day, the mission and its global support network have strengthened exponentially. There is some concern that marketing efforts are shifting the focus of Earth Day from planet to purchases, yielding a day more […]

April 17th

Soap Up Safely with Natural Detergents

Laundry detergents—despite the harsh, chemical cleaning agents that make them work—are a household necessity. Clothes, sheets, curtains, and towels all need regular washes to keep them hygienic and functional. Thankfully, there are eco-friendly alternatives to the conventional plastic containers of syrupy detergent… Even though these natural alternatives may not fully eliminate the need for some […]

April 15th

Eco-friendly Tax Preparation

Anyone who receives mail knows what it’s like to have stacks of paper sitting on the kitchen table awaiting a trip to the recycling bin.  Eco-conscious individuals may experience a great deal of frustration, since there often seems to be little they can do to stop the waste flow. Take control over paper consumption by […]

April 9th

Eco Train Technologies

These days, it’s fairly well-understood that most travel results in the production of carbon dioxide (CO2), the primary contributor to climate change and global warming. So how can we better balance our desires and needs to get from one place to another, and still minimize the carbon footprint we make on the planet?  By taking […]

April 8th