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Published on October 22nd, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans

Grants for Green Businesses

Increased awareness of the need for green business practices has led to the availability of many types of green business grants.  If you want to start a green business, the time is now!

One such source for grants is Community Conservation Enterprises (CCE).  Business grants range from $500 to $2,000 and more than 130 such grants have been given by CCE over the past 16 years.  Grants are given to businesses that protect natural resources and promote sustainable communities.  A grant application is available at the CCE site, and is now only available for projects in Central America and Mexico.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has also announced $11.4 million in grants available for investments in renewable energy and energy-efficiency improvements for agricultural and small businesses.  Loan guarantees are also available.

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  1. richard dion says:

    Hi looking to expand into installing geo thermal heating and colling systems in residential and commercial buildings. We need help with equipment costs and such. Any info and help you could give would be appreciated . thanks rich dion

  2. I have just started a small business who’s purpose is to design and manufacture eco friendly surfboards and surf products.
    Many do not realize that the multi billion dollar surfboard industry utilizes materials that are extremely hazardous to our environment.
    This must change.
    I believe this is a very worthy cause and could potentially be of tremendous benefit to our environment.
    The designs are in place and I have exhausted my VERY small budget($600) on tools and preparation.
    I was hoping to possibly get a grant to assist in purchasing a few remaining tools and the materials needed to begin construction.
    Thank you

  3. Kate Brennan says:

    I am a grant writer, fundraiser and communications associate. I am now starting my own business for green grant writing. If you need help with research, grants or business plans for small business start up, please contact me.

    • Leo says:

      Hello my name is Leo I own a green carpet cleaning business in California. Is there any grants or programs for assisting green business owners. I want to purchase more equipment or cargo Van and expand my business. can you help me?

    • I have invented a device that is a combination of a few diff devices that provides constant 120 & 110 outlets plugs for a home, office, or just about anywhere! I have mobile devices & i have made them where they can be placed inside the wall of a home.. Idk how to get started an afraid someone will take the u can reach me at Or anyone that can help… Looking for investors as well…

      Thank U Cliff

    • deb mellott says:

      do you know of any grants for a small business looking to purchase a cardboard crusher/hopper. I dont even know if grants would pay for this. Our business is 75% green but this is a problem area.

    • Jill says:

      Am seeking government grant money for new $million plus sort line at our recycling company. Any ideas? We’ll need a grant writer…

    • Ms. Brennan,

      My name is Tom and I work for a green company who assembles ELectric Vehicles. We are currently developing a 100% electric boat drive to replace the gas engine on a number of different types of boats. Marine gas engines are a major source of water pollution. I’m trying to find some grant money to help us move along with our product development. I’m having difficulty finding anything. Can you be of assistance?

      Thank you.

      Tom Williamson

    • Nash says:

      Hi please us about writing grants for our project. You can reach via

      Thank you.

    • mel says:

      I am a woman looking to start a green business. I am looking at using supplies available but need cash to get a trailer and marketing. Can you help direct me to any grants that may be available? I would like to get the business up and running soon.

    • Matt Smith says:

      Please contact.Want to start a green business.Thanks,Matt

    • Kate,
      My business partner and I would be interested in discussing your services.

      Carter Campbell

    • Kym says:

      We are interested in discussing your services.
      Please contact me at 925.736.6659
      Thank you!

    • Lisa says:

      I am looking for a Grant Writer to help me with a water project… If you are able or interested in helping me with this project email me and I will send you a breakdown of what we are trying to do.
      Thank you

    • Ron Taylor says:

      I am a licensed contractor and have earned my BPI Energy Auditor certification. I live in New Mexico, and would like assistance in writing a grant that will allow me to purchase auditing equipment and trailer to provide energy auditing to low income families here in the state. I am currently a full time assistant professor at our local community college teaching Building Analyst 1 & 2, and Building Envelope. There is a huge demand for these services in the state, and I would like to provide these types of services to assist those in low income situations. Can you assist me with this?

      Ron Taylor

    • Dan says:

      I am an Recycled Insulation Contractor who needs help with funding for equipment and fleet upgrades. I specifically use a Cellulose base Insulation created from recycled paper products. What I require is help obtaining grants or even low interest loans to small business. I reside the business in NY, but have been considering moving the base to Mass, while still servicing the surrounding states. I am open to any input and assistance that will continue the growth of my business, and allow me to further reduce mine and others footprint. Thank You

    • Bill says:

      Can I contact you regarding getting you to help with a grant? I would like to start a aquaponics facility in an urban area.

      Thanks Bill

    • Looking for some start up money for operational expenses for an electronics recycling company here in Tampa, Florida.

    • Tom Caudle says:

      I am in the start up stages of a completely green trucking business. I have been collecting used vegetable oil for fuel for trucks for the past year. I have purchased a 1st generation diesel Dodge truck that can be converted to run on cleaned vegetable oil. I need to purchase trailers and obtain capital for start up fees to convert my truck and others like it and to be able to process the vegetable oil. I am looking for help in getting grants for this business.
      Thank you,
      Tom Caudle
      C & C Custom Trucking

    • Dawn King says:

      Hi Kate!
      Interested in your grant writing services . . . we are working on a green project in Colorado and would love to talk to you more. Please feel free to contact me at

      Dawn King

      • Joseph says:

        Dear Kate,
        I have everything complete as far as the Business Plan , Executive summary, and years of research however I need your expertize in finding the funds going over the current business plan to suit whatever I may be missing for the project to get funded, AI will explain more about the product if you contact me.

        Joseph CEO
        JBU INC

    • Chris says:

      My partner and I are in the process of starting a clean energy company. We are definitely interested in speaking wtih you in regard to your services.

    • David Miller says:

      We are looking for funding, (grant and/or investor generated), to launch our all-naural liquid and dry pest control products in the retail market. Our products are approved by the EPA and FDA, registered for sale in the State of Florida and eligible for sale throughout the world due to their MSDS, (material safety data sheet) which has a Global Harmonizing system rating.. Go to our website for more information about our company and our products, be sure to read the testimonial page. thank-you Dave & Gina

    • Steve Hanna says:

      Hi Kate!
      Interested in your grant writing services . . . we are have just started a recycled paint manufacturing company in California and would love to talk to you more. Please feel free to contact me at

      Steve Hanna

  4. Matt Boin says:

    To Kate, I’m working on a business plan for a green business, and would definitely like to talk with you.

  5. That is really interesting, we have just launched a site in the UK that helps businesses to find grants to go green and become more environmentally friendly.

    The website is

    I wonder if there is anything similar in the states?

  6. Guest says:

    I have a small home business that is eco green and would like to talk to Kate about obtaining a grant to purchase more products to do home shows and home and garden shows etc.

  7. Editors says:

    Just as an FYI to those reading and looking to contact other commenters — you can find commenters’ contact info by clicking the email and/or website buttons below the comments themselves.

    – Eds

  8. Guest says:

    I am trying to start a remolding company doing “green” remolding on homes. I am looking for a grant to help with advertising.

  9. Guest says:

    I want to open a vintage clothing store which I consider green because it’s used clothing. Im just wondering if there would be any help opening a store with a grant? Any ideas? Thanks

  10. Guest says:

    I am looking to start a company that sells alternate energy to home owners (solar and wind), I also want to give the home owner the ability to sell back the extra power to their power company. I believe this is a true green company and something we all need to get involved with as a nation.

  11. Guest Dan says:

    Looking for advise to aquire a grant to perchase a forming system to start construction of Concrete Homes In California . Save Heating and Air conditioning cost by 40%.

  12. Aaron says:

    I’m hoping to start a company that does residential energy audits and green home inspections. We need some startup capital for salaries and a thermal camera. With the camera, we can see where heat is being lost or where mold and mildew have begun to form. Are there grants for this kind of thing?
    -Aaron in Seattle

  13. Diane says:

    I am looking to build a green business with alternative energy sources-possibly solar/geo-thermal, etc. Are any grants available for this??? I am in Nebraska (Omaha)

  14. Guest says:

    self-sustaining solution to educate and eraticate cigarette pollution. Please visit to find out more!!

  15. Guest Tiffany Chapman says:

    I am searching for a grant that would help me open a green eco-friendly bed and breakfast. I am already developing the plans for this and I am in the process of doing the profitability study for the area that I would like to build it in, but I am still trying to find grants and funding for this. Does anyone know where I can find this type of grant?

  16. I am looking for a grant to help open a green building company. We are in the process and could use any help we can get… any suggestions?

  17. Guest says:

    I am interested in obtaining grants that would enable me to conduct Green tours of Cleveland, OH in vehicles that are powered by an alternative fuel source such as natural gas, if anyone out there has knowledge or info please contact me

  18. Hello!

    We’re pleased to share with you (and your readers, we hope!) a Request for Proposals from The New York City Venture Philanthropy Fund (VPF). VPF is a formal giving circle that has decided to fund small, grassroots social entrepreneurs who are working to improve the global environment.

    The RFP, found here:, describes a grant for $10,000, which will be awarded to a New York City-based 501c3 organization in November. The deadline for proposals is September 26th.

    Please visit the website for more information.

  19. Blaine Campbell says:

    We are looking for a grant to help build a green marina.
    It will be a first in florida to be build for research and sustainability

  20. Dusty Finn says:

    I would like information on grants to start a business installing solar panels. Society needs to start implementing green to save our future.

  21. Angela Hansen says:

    I would like information on grants to start an all green pet boarding kennel and grooming facility in NW Houston Texas that has architectural concepts and siting strategies that are proven to increase energy efficiency.

  22. Guest says:

    We have a small business, and a Log Cabin guest house near a future bike and recreation trail. My husband built a smaller log cabin, and we would like to make it as eco friendly or green as possible. Financing is not available, but we know this would be a destination spot for many bicycling enthusiasts which are looking for the “green way” to enjoy their vacations. Is there any information available on what grants are available for small business owners like us. Thank you.
    Becky Hartwig

  23. Kelli McLaurin says:

    I would like to request information on grants for green businesses. I would like to start a business in the SW Houston area for greener communities.

  24. April Busby says:

    I am looking to open an all green retail store with baby products, cleaning products, clothing, etc. in Florida. Do you have any advice on grants?

  25. Lindsay Monroe says:

    I have a rainwater recycling and construction company located in Western NC. Recent drought catastrophes in our region inspired me to start this business about 6 months ago. I can see the overwhelming need for the systems I provide. I’m looking for a grant for help acquiring an office and also help with marketing. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Lindsay Monroe
    TreadLite Enterprises, Inc.

  26. Guest says:

    I own and operate a mid-sized landscape maintenance company that services commercial properties and residential homes. We use allot of 2 stroke gas using equipment, harsh fertilizers and weed killers that are bad on the envirnment. Unforntunately the cost to use electric and organic chemicals is just too much and many of our cusotmer base just wont pay for it, even tho its the right thing to do. We recently changed our name to Green-Pros, Inc. but we have not really made any progress on going green, we are looking for help in the form of grants loans or suggestions on how to make this work.


  27. erika morris says:

    I am looking to open an all green retail store with baby products, cleaning products, clothing, etc. in new york. Do you have any advice on grants and information on starting this business?

  28. Guest says:

    I am starting a green company that will change the way we live. One home at a time. I am trying to get a green grant. Any suggestions on where to start?

  29. Dave Halleck says:

    I am starting a company offering alternative energy (solar, wind)packages which are controlled by a “smart house” controller to efficiently regulate household power usage. I need funding to get moving. Please steer me in the right direction.

  30. Guest says:

    My name is John Markwith. I with the help of my partner Denise Zalik have started an eco-friendly cleaning service. We have seen the great impact we are making in the lives of our clients. We give our clients knowledge about green cleaning. We are currently working many new ideas our biggest problem we face now is funding without this it is heard to get the word out. As our company grows we hope to Franchise this business. This will create moor jobs and offer an better solution for cleaning your house. So please we invite you to check us out on the web we look forward to your feedback.

  31. Melissa Rush says:

    Starting the information gathering process about opening a mechanic shop that does diesel to vegetable oil conversions and repairs to such systems. Would appreciate any information on financial assistance available for green business projects!

  32. Kathryn vashro says:

    My husband and i are looking into purchasing an existing LLC that has potential for more sustainable living. It has been used for community living off the grid. the owner has run this business/living space for 20 yrs being off the grid except for telephone and internet. the property is in the jungle of Hawaii. it has fruits and vegetables on the land that several people can live off of and also sell at a local farmers market. there are huts and large buildings on the land used for housing, living area, and kitchen/shower/laundry. the water is rain catchments, toilets are compost, electricity is solar, all compost food goes back to the banana trees or to the chickens. The people that live on the land eat raw. some are vegan and some are primal food eater-raw animal products. my husband and i want to change this to a raw vegan community.

    my husband and i lived on the land for 5 months and the owner decided a couple of wks ago to sell the property and he asked us first about buying. we are interested as there is a solar business on the land, and a raw food little store for locals on the land. we also want to offer sustainability classes or semesters for universities, where they can learn about food sources, and sustainable living in the jungle. my husband and i have masters degrees in business and human services (management of technology for 30yrs and teaching and counseling for many yrs).

    if you have interest in this sustainable community and want to support it either through grants or loans, we would be interested in working with you.
    thank you for your time and i look forward to hearing from you.

  33. Lesley Dyer says:

    I would like to start a green gardening service. I would use a solar powered lawnmower, non-toxic weed and pest remedies, hand powered tools, like a mower and edger for smaller yards. If I used a blower or any electric device, I would use solar energy to charge them.

  34. Guest says:

    We currently have a remodeling company here in Washington DC for residential/light commercial re-hab.We are in the early stages
    of starting our second company for the purpose of going green.The options are unlimited for us.Are there any GREEN GURU’S
    out there to talk about the possibilities.

  35. Guest says:

    I own a business that allows employees to work from home, make a high hourly wage, and we will soon be ofering health insurance to employees. I am interested in helping other women like me. Work can be delivered and picked-up via the internet. Banking and all business related transactions are also done online. I used to work for a large corporation and now I do the same tasks using “green” technology from home. Thank you for letting me talk about my contributions for “green living”.

  36. Tocori Verde says:

    My family and I own a farm in the jungles of costa rica. Our vision is to one day with the help of fellow earth activists, become a self sustaining collective of teachers, students, healers, artists, and naturalists. We want to be able to bring eco-tourism onto the land. The idea is to inspire and ignite the flame of creativity in us all in order to restore a balance with our connection to the Earth. Getting back to our roots.

    We plan to provide an urban refuge to travelers and locals alike where they can get away into the mountains and experience life a little more simply. Somewhere where they can come and learn about the diverse flora and fauna of a tropical rainforest, and see monkeys and birds of all different kinds of species. In addition we would like to be able to provide our guests with a healing and rejuvenating experience by preparing them delicious organic meals from produce grown on the land, as well as offering yoga classes in a lush setting and getting massage, reiki and bodywork done. We also plan on bringing in teachers, and speakers to host year-round workshops on a range of topics from, permaculture design, solar panel installation, building with bamboo, bio-dynamic gardening, medicinal plants etc. We want to be able to work with the local community as well to try to instill some more environmentally conscious ways of living.

    We are currently in the beginning stages, though we have come to a standstill due to lack of funds. I am trying to look for green business grants, if anyone can guide me in the right direction as to where I can get some financial help for a green project such as this one. I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Janice Aragones

  37. Deborah Stephenson says:

    My husband and I are naturalists and artists whose main goal in life has been to reduce out footprint on planet earth and live as close to nature as possible, while helping others to do the same. To that end, we have decided to develop a small ecotourism business on our land – 75 acres of restored native glades, savannahs and woodlands that join Mark Twain National Forest near Hercules Glade Wilderness in SW Missouri (near Branson). We are one mile from Bull Shoals Lake, (where there are all sorts of water sports and it is claimed the fishing is great) and we can hike to the wilderness area without ever touching private property (there are literally miles of trails right next door). The area is quite beautiful and wildlife diverse (deer, turkey, quail, fox, rabbits, bobcat, coyote, even an occassional blackbear or cougar)can be seen. The glades are covered with an incredible diversity of plant life as well – in every season; and the local streams are clear as glass and full of fish, crayfish and salamanders. It is a great place to hike, camp and take pictures. (A lot of folks hunt and fish as well, though we DO NOT.) And of course, there is the tourist city of Branson only about 25 minutes away (for people who get into that sort of thing).

    I mention all this because we think this would be an ideal place to build a few upscale “green” cabins (all solar and completely off-grid, with living roofs and composting toilets) and to offer interpretive guided hikes for people interested in ecotourism in the Ozarks (green vacations to counter the “mini Las Vegas” experience which is currently all that is available here). We would also like to offer group camping and special programs for groups in one area. We are especially interested in appealing to scout or school groups, in order to foster an appreciation for nature and for sustainable living amongst youth – who will be the adults of tomorrow.

    We have the land, the will and the plan, but we lack funding… so what we are looking for is a small seed grant that would enable us to build 3 small cabins (to start with, but no more than 6 total – ever), develop a group campsite with pavillion, and build connecting trails from our land to those in the National Forest next door. We would also need to build an environmentally friendly parking area, and a small and very tasteful shop for selling field guides, maps and a small inventory of camping essentials (all “green” gear) and educational materials. Everything will be sited in as eco-concious a manner as possible, with no cutting of trees or removal of earth except as is absolutely necessary. (And then only with hand tools – NO heavy equipment or harmful practices on this site!)

    We are very wise consumers and no strangers to the kind of sweat equity it takes to make things happen, so our needs are actually surprisingly small. Our IDEAL grant would be around $25,000 and could actually, (with somewhat less ideal materials and conditions – but still very workable) be as small as $15,000. If you have a grant such as this available, please let us know where we may apply. Thank You!

  38. John Boozer says:

    What grants, funding, etc. are available for green reclycing?

  39. Guest says:

    I am JR Deem and are here to obtain a Grant for Green research and development.I have been a electrician for 8 and a half years and looking for something else.
    My neighbor and I are brainstorming and building ideas for Green energy. We have a few models and some work in progress ideas to be self sufficient with electricity and heating through solar and hydrogen energy. We figure the amount of funds needed for materials time off from work and living expenses are approximately $100,000 Anything would help but this amount would give faster results. Information for Grants in this area would be appreciated. Thanks.

  40. Wes Hight says:

    Where can I get information on obtaining a grant? I work for a company that organizes music benefits and donates the profits/proceeds to environmental companies-specifically renewable energy and land conservation.

  41. Guest says:

    I would like information of how to receive funds for green movements involving music benefits.

  42. Dean Roussel says:

    We have just launch a website educating and informing all Louisiana about green practices in our state. It is a community-built website so it will grow as the community submits information on green projects, from community gardens and local heroes, to large green organizations and green businesses, with everything green in between. We want and need all green information under one green roof, We need a grant to spread the word.

  43. Joseph Fulcher says:

    info. please

  44. David Myers says:

    I would like more info on getting a grant for my business. We have a Wrap, Salad and Homemade Soup Shop and currently have a few items that are biodegradable. I would like to do more with the business but it is so expensive to go green.

  45. Guest says:

    I am looking to help a local restaurant go green. Including a switch from petroleum candles to solar candles and a composting system to compost waste from the meals the establishment serves. I’d like to make the restaurant as green as possible, changing light fixtures, etc. to help conserve energy and save the environment. The amount of food that goes to waste is astounding and looking for alternatives is super expensive. A grant would enable the owner to make a switch to a greener lifestyle for himself and his customers.

  46. Guest says:

    Our company is in the commercial fertilizer application business. We live in an area that has many dairy farms and livestock feedlots. We want to expand our application business to apply composted manure from these dairies and feedlots. We are in need of approx. $500,000 in funds to buy composting equipment. We already have application equipment.

  47. Guest says:

    I am looking for information on obtaining a small, or micro-, grant for start up costs of a business. My wife custom makes cloth diapers and other green infant care products. Is there anything available??

  48. Guest says:

    we are a small electrical company looking to go green.we would like to see if there are any grants for people to go into a comercail company and make there businesses more energy efficant?

  49. Tuere Jones says:

    My husband is an electrician interested in going green and needs some guidance.

  50. alex prokop says:

    Looking for grants that support a green construction business, primary focus on autoclaved aerated concrete building systems in Northern CA, geo-thermal applications, pv systems, and green construction techniques.

  51. Winona L Durden says:

    My dream is an Organic Herbs&Eggs Farm on 5 acres of land.I could eventually hire people, a provide good nutricious food source.

  52. denny best says:

    i operate a small cafe/bar that is wanting to put a green roof on our building. We are a small do it yourself outfit so any grants either public or private would be a great help in that regards

  53. I would love more information on environment safety products. I would also like more information on water usage.

  54. In Threw The Outdoors "Pre-Demo says:

    I have opened a “Pre-Demo” and am looking for some grants to help us open a retail outlet. We go into properties set for demolition and take everything from the light switches to the barn in the back yard and resell it. Then give owner part of the profit.

  55. Karen Payne says:

    I work for a homeless housing solution based organization. We are looking to make our facility green friendly and to teach the women we house about global citizenship and good environmental practices.

  56. Karen Payne says:

    I work for a non-profit homelessness solution organization. We are looking for a grant to make our facility green friendly. There are many things that we can do to our building to upgrade and be more ecco-friendly. What do we need to do to apply for that kind of grant?

  57. Tyson says:

    I work at a golf course in central Kansas that will likely be closed down within the next year. I’ve been struggling through internet search databases to find grants available for golf courses that desire to go green. It seems that a more green approach would not only benefit the environment, but would also help stabilize costs. Any information or guidance on this topic is greatly appreciated.

  58. Jonathan Wayne Fuller says:

    I’m want to build the first green sustainable publishing house/business in Alabama. Through setting a president of recyclable paper and reusable energy, Ion Publishing strives to bring the world of Pressing and Publishing in to the 21st Century. Please consider us for this grant. Thank you for your time.

  59. marlon says:

    want to be the first in our town of 1300 platte sd to go green

  60. looking for a grant to accomplish this endeavor

  61. Guest says:

    I would like to get information on green business grants in general, and on grants for a bio-diesel cab company, if anyone is in the know.

  62. Ray Reynolds says:

    I have this wonderful idea to harvest rainwater and sell it to areas that do not have a suitable water supply. I just need the funding to get started.

  63. Betty Olson says:

    i am 59 yrs young and have started a bussiness from home ,it`s an Ice crean truck like we used to see as chidern. I would like to have the truck converted to propane instead of gas.last year at almost 5 dollars a gallon I still did well getting new customers and lots of repeat bussiness. I keep the prices low enough (lots for $1.00)so a child will not have to walk away because of money.I have even given children who came with friends a free Item when they would have left with nothing..
    If I can go green with a propane run truck I not only could make a profit but would think of getting more trucks out there.The people like the not having to drive to get there cool treats and they save gas. I could use a green truck engine. any help in this direction out there .
    Thankyou I love bring smiles to the community and recieving so many back
    Im going to be grandma for the 14 time this year . I love my business, I love to do things for the young people who in return make me feel like the most speical person on earth. Thankyou

  64. H.Ed Richardson lll says:

    Looking for funding in my endeavour of building re-cycleable green housing. At $10.85 sq. ft. this a housing units that would help our economy and our future in housing devolpment. In the same process I have a self generation unit that would power the house’s, therefore easing the power grid. The units would be self- sustaing. Only outside source would be water, which could also be minamize the outside need of water. Thanks.

  65. free karma says:

    Wow that is great that they have a loan center specifically for green businesses. Lets keep expanding the lifestyle!

  66. Ned Palmer says:

    Hi, I am looking for funding for a complete green housing developement. From energy efficient home constuction, hydronic heating, and solar systems for a complete self supporting stand alone housing developements. Thank you for your time and consideration. We need this NOW and people like me to bring it into mainstream reality! Ned

  67. marlene says:

    I have a construction company and we really want to go green. I really want some funds so that we can get the eduction to be building green. We recycle as much of the materials as we can and I have people who I know would do it if it was affordable but solar panels are still pricey. We would like to eventually learn some of the new tech and make it affordable for the average person. Here in California i beleive that everybody should have solar panels on their home. They only thing stopping them is the price I think. So we would like to learn it and figure out a way to make it more affordable. We instll tankless water heaters and try to promote green but its still new. The more we know the more we can do.

  68. Cynthia says:

    I’m a woman owned business established for 20 years, seeking a grant to expand my green product from my home state to nation wide as well as internationally. My product is easy to ship, can be sent via existing international carriers, is compact and does not present problems for customs, export or spoilage. I produced a green product before ” green” became popular. I need help to expand and create jobs.

  69. honey says:

    I am starting an energy consultation company called Hallmark Energy and need a little financial assistance. I will save household money and reduce their footprint.

  70. michael j.footer says:


  71. We have the ONLY 100% biodegradeable pizza delivery system in the world! Completely patented. It is a bag and tray system as a replacement for the corrugated pizza box. It consists of a 100% biodegradeable plastic bag and 100% COMPOSTABLE plant fiber cookable/reheatable pizza tray. We are looking for green product grants and angel investors to move this business forward faster than it is already proceeding. Please visit our website and follow us on twitter.

  72. Mary says:

    I am interested in a green construction building to replace a portion of our private catholic school. The school is located in Arkansas. We are replacing a hundreds of years old building with asbestos shingles and need information on grants that would make this new building green. Please let me know where to look..Thanks Mary

  73. Mona says:

    We are in the process of creating a crowd-sourced green resource for Houston. We’ve had great luck with it and interest and membership is growing like crazy! If you’ve done something like this or you are interested in doing something like this for your community and would like to collaborate about it, let us know.

  74. About The Organic Forest
    We are a small family-employee owned business.
    We do not farm or grow our plants in a nursery. All of our plants are carefully gathered from the woodlands where they have been planted by mother nature. One cannot get a more natural or organic product completely free from fertilizers and pesticides.
    We do offer a handful of products that are “escapees” from an old farmstead (roses in particular) and we offer a small variety of heirloom seeds and other products. Everything that does not come directly from the forest is clearly marked as such.
    Our native plants generally require less water and special care than domesticated nursery or farm grown plants. These unique and naturally hardy woodland plants help reduce air pollution, provide shelter and food for wildlife and many have useful human food and medicinal properties as well as beauty and scenic value.
    Our gathering methods at the OrganicForest promote biodiversity and responsible stewardship of our natural heritage.
    The OrganicForest is more than a family business – it is a way of life and a real place. Our 75 acres of old growth forest and a few areas of meadowland are located high in the southern Appalachian mountain range.

    Contiguous to the OrganicForest are thousands of acres of woodland that has not been touched for over a 100 years. This land next to us is threatened by commercial development. This mountain forest has been purchased by a home developer. Fortunately, with the current economic climate, plans are on hold for replacing this precious wildlife area with stick homes and asphalt roads and lawns.

    Thus, part of our mission: To use the proceeds of our OrganicForest wild plant sales to save as much of this incredible biosphere from the bulldozer as we possibly can.

    You can help by spreading the word about our efforts on blogs and forums. We would be grateful if you linked to our site from yours. If you do, please feel free to consider yourself a Friend of the OrganicForest and use the site badge.

    To show your support and use the Friend of the OrganicForest site badge on your blog or website, simply copy and paste the code below:

  75. Linda Ling says:

    I would like information about grants to start a cottage business to make cloth diapers and diaper covers. There are too many diapers in our landfills. This would be one way to solve that problem. Disposables could be used for travel and at night if preferred but this would cut the diapers in the landfills by 50-75%.

  76. I would like information on grants to help out my company Turbo Burn INC. We are a family owned manufactuer of a water based furnace that will use any liquid hydro carbon or solid hydro carbon examples of hydrocarbons. waste oil,restraunt grease,wood ,coal,burnable waste,peach pits,corn and solar. We are truly as green as you can be. Our system will reduce your utillity bill 70%

  77. Nathan says:

    I am looking at starting a business that is 100% green. I have created an odor eliminating formula which can be used in hunting, houshold, vehicles, etc. The bottle in which it would be sold in, would also be 100% biodegradable. The moulds cost $6700 for style A and $850 for style B. Additional expenses would be the price of the bottles and labels.
    By creating both bottle and solution that is 100% biodegradable will have sizeable impacts to the environment. I can start my product in plastic bottles but would rather not.
    Any help on a grant towards these expenses would be great.

  78. Fred says:

    Green Home sells & Design company
    Need funding,investor,grants,etc. for green product showroom in Atlanta. Interested in all green products for resell.
    Thank you!!

  79. Gino says:

    Hello Im the CEO of a construction Company in norhteastern PA and im trying to get a government grant to build up my business. Im working on remodeling homes and to recycle all products and salvage and remains from projects. using the most energy saving products possible

    Thank You…

  80. Chad Beesley says:

    I have a building systems using steel and spray foam. The house won’t burn, blow down. is mold proof. termite proof. the home go up fast and is super energy efficent and is affordable. these home will be the greenest of green. I looking for investor, grants. jv to put this homes up this is the way home will be built. I would creat over 500 green jobs. but I need funds




  82. I would like info on getting a grant for a non-profit org. to put up windmills and solar pannles.

  83. I would like info about how to get a grant on starting a small business…

  84. Jennifer says:

    I work in a sheet metal manufacturing factory and we are trying to go green is there any incentives out there for us or are there grants?

  85. alfred reyna says:

    I would like to start green project in campeche mexico and would like grant info

  86. gift hardy says:

    i want to build electric cars that need little if any maintainance to get all petrol cars off the street

  87. Meggen says:

    Hello we are opening a green/ permaculture based restaurant. And I am starting a consulting business for edible landscapes and we are looking for funding! Any information is greatly appreciated!

  88. jerie taylor says:

    i would like to get a grant to get a wind mill so i can afford my electric bill

  89. linda says:

    We would like to get a grant for our Electric Bike Shop in Florida.. family owned and operated green business in alternative transportation. Let’s reduce our carbon footprint…
    and SAVE MONEY DOING IT… did we mention its fun too!!!!

  90. We are looking for a grant to help us open a small retail business that sells gently used beach chairs, umbrellas, canopies, coolers, dive masks, all of the stuff that tourists throw away after a week on the beach that winds up in land fills. The tourists throw it away because they purchased it when they arrived at the beach and they don’t want to try to pack it home. We will sell gently used items and offer a buy back program for tourists to sell their stuff to avoid it going to the land fill.

  91. Charles Woolman says:

    I would like info about how to get a grant on starting a small business…

  92. Shiloy Reinhart says:

    I live on Sourthern Minnesota and I would like to start a small business. A dog grooming, kenneling, training and dog park. We have 100 acres. I would like to convert our old barn into the business. I want to heat and cool green. Where do I go to apply for a grant?

  93. Tommy says:

    My brother started a multi-million dollar solar panel manufaturing business. Ill be buyingbthese panels in large quantities. I would like to knwo what grats are available for solar farming, ” producing energy and selling back to utilities companies”

  94. Jill says:

    I am relaunching a “genuinely green” event and publicity company. The money will be used to educate the public in a non-threatening and friendly manner. The money will also help pay for employees and ec0-friendly supplies.
    What separates me from other event planners and consultants is that they are not going to help our environmental problem. The second largest cause of landfill waste in this country are from events. All my contacts and vendors are environmentally responsible.
    I need help finding resources that can aid in funding this venture that t are not committed only to Non Profit Organizations.
    Source: Green Living Ideas (

  95. Briana says:

    I am looking for start up money for a small eco-friendly brush clearing business. We will be focusing on using animals rather than machinery. I have been scouring the internet, but now I need to chat with a real human being. Thanks.

  96. Laura Lee Yeazell says:

    my husband and I are bootstrapping a corporation to manufacture pedal electric microvans for iner city comerce and delivery. can you help us get grants for startup capital

    Laura Lee Yeazell

  97. Dolores says:

    I’m starting a small green business applying spray foam to homes. I’m looking to get a grant to help invest in schooling and the purchasing larger equipment for larger scaled jobs in insulating houses and businesses to make them more energy efficient. I’d appreciate any assistance on this matter. Thank you.

  98. Robin says:

    Need Help!!!!! Would like to find someone in North Carolina that can help write a grant to expand my scrap yard so that we can go green and make more jobs in our area.
    Thanks for help in this matter .

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