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Published on October 22nd, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans

Eco Friendly Technology

The goal of any technology is to make our lives better.  Whether it makes us more productive in the workplace or allows us to relax while watching the Super Bowl in high definition with surround sound, we have all come to appreciate what technology can do for us.  What we are starting to see however, is what technology is doing to us.  Just as the Industrial Revolution sparked an increase in pollution, the technical revolution is responsible for its fair share of environmental hazards and waste.

As companies and consumers have developed a sense of eco responsibility over the years, the commitment to sustainable, or green, living has made its way past the living room and into the corporate board room.  To comply with both federal and social standards, companies and consumers alike are looking toward eco tech as a way to achieve sustainability.

Eco friendly technology looks to improve in two major areas: energy efficiency and reduction of harmful waste.  Through efforts by the large computer and electronic manufacturers, many high tech products carry the ENERGY STAR approval, meaning they are more energy efficient than other products of a similar function and quality.  Through corporate recycling programs like those offered by Apple and HP, outdated computers and components can be recycled for future discounts rather than thrown into landfills where toxic residue can pollute groundwater sources.

Of course, eco tech movements need to be supported by the consumer.  Make sure that when you get ready to buy that new computer, or that 42 inch flat-screen television, you are buying from a company that supports eco friendly technology through their products and corporate philosophy.

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  1. Guest says:

    As a smart home company a lot of the work we are doing behind the scenes at our clients homes is installing technology that automatically turns off lights, fans and air-conditioning when rooms are not in use. This home automation, which essentially uses high tech home intelligence to automate routine chores like switching off all the lights when someone leaves the room, provides savings of up to 40-50% on homeowners electricity bills.

    Add in the newest ENERGY STAR smart home appliances and that reduces the energy bills even further

  2. Anthony John Hensleigh says:

    Hello my name is Anthony Hensliegh and my profession is electronic
    engineering for the pas 2 year I have been working on projects to do
    my part for the world . And I have designed and invented 3 systems
    that if used in conjunction with one another , I believe wood make
    existing green energy systems a thing off the past bout for some reason
    don’t mater au much I try nobody in power or with financial resources
    gives me the time off day , and its so disappointing . I fort they idea
    woes to save the beautiful world we all abuse , bout in fact for politicians
    and others in power alike its just a propaganda stunt for votes and likeability
    they don’t kea about the planet or they wood off replayed to my realistic solutions
    to global worming , especially when they wood cost a third off the cost , off existing
    green energy solutions ? . With the way the global finances are at the moment I
    wood off fort , they wood wont to save a few billion bout I gees not ???? .

    ( The systems are )

    1) Flow light .
    2) K1LES – lave energy system .
    3) Green wave .
    If you wood like to now more about me and my work reply to this email address .

  3. Jill says:

    What you said about energy efficiency and reduction of harmful waste is crucial, and so true. I agree with this comment wholeheartedly. Those are the two factors we all need to think about. From changing to energy efficient light bulbs, to switching out old batteries for rechargeable, recyclable batteries….every simple step is a step in the right direction.

  4. mrs robinson says:

    Obviously there are a lot of people who believe that “they ” do have the “great ideas that are going to change this world”.. many are just dreamers who live in a fantasy world and really dont have a clue.. the truth is this world is f**ked and we are well past saving it…. Mind many people have already mastered the skill of making sure that they get what they want out of life anyway.. so they will always be ok no matter what. Thats what got us in this state in the first place…

  5. aman says:


    • Rama says:

      Thanks good work buddy !!!! Have you thought of any other gadgets that can save our Earth from excess heating and destruction ….. if so please advice …. we shall be grateful to use them ….. have u thought about abducting plastic bags for an example ……


    nice topic…….helpd me lot to gather ideas…!!

  7. As the today generation is going towardas eco friendly this type of support is must and good

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